–екламные видео ролики на английском €зыке + текст к ним



¬ этом разделе собраны рекламные видео ролики на английском €зыке + тексты к ним.

Do you know who I am?
This is Russia
German Coast Guard
Apple Commercial. Think Different
The Telephone in the Future
Old Spice Ц Questions
The Truth About Water
Audi - Goodnight
Dumb Blonde in the library (banned commercial by Mercedes)
Cravendale - Cats with Thumbs
The Independent - Don't
BBC: Flying Penguins
The Love of LearningЩ
Whiskas: I Need Meat
Nespresso. George Clooney, John Malkovich
Fedex: Cast Away Commercial
Apple - iPad 2: Now
Doritos: Crystal Ball
iPhone 3G: Check
Master Card - Priceless (Rock and roll)
What's Virgin Mean?
Do You Speak English? (Short Comedy)
Do You Speak English? (Short Comedy)
Nespresso. George Clooney, John Malkovich
KFC Ad - Love is forever
Purplefeather: The Power Of Words
Red Bull Ad - Frog Prince
Great story
Johnnie Walker - Human
Monkeys & Typewriters (Costa Coffee)
100 000 books - books fresheners
Sprint Phone Commertial
Old Spice:The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Intel Visual Life
Walmart christmas
Mac vs. PC Ч Better Results
Facebook: Unfriend Coal
John West: Funny Salmon Commercial
Anti-smoking Commercial
Nike: "I'm Making Myself"
Google Translate for Animals
Nescafe Open Up (by Laurie Anderson)
Funny Captain Morgan Beer Commercial
WWF: "We're All Connected"
EF - Live the language (London)
Cars.com: Go First
Words Hurt
Animal Humane Society: I Want...
Smell like a monster :)
Discovery Channel Song 1 & 2 - Boom De Ya Da




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