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Birth Name: Raymond Lee Cramton
Birthdate: June 11, 1937
Birthplace: South Bend, Indiana
Occupation: Actor
Quote: "Yeah man, I stepped in it pretty good. I got out of it with God's help and other people's help. So, whoever is listening: You don't have to stay there." - Infomercial for the National Recovery Institute
Everett Photo

Claim to Fame: 1978-79: Had one of the leading roles in the acclaimed NBC miniseries Centennial

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Shelby Grant (aka Brenda Lee Thompson), actress, writer; married May 1966

Father: Harry Clyde Cramton (aka Ted Cramton)
Mother: Virdeen Ruth Cramton (née Hopper)
Daughter: Katherine Kerrie Everett
Daughter: Shannon Kimberly Everett, actress

A stalwart leading man of the Hollywood tradition, Chad Everett will always be remembered as compassionate surgeon Dr. Joe Gannon on the long-running "Medical Center" (CBS, 1969-73), on which he performed more experimental procedures than any known physician. Everett was born in Indiana and raised in Dearborn, Michigan. After studying acting in college, he headed for Hollywood and soon thereafter made his screen debut in "Claudelle Inglish", the 1961 film based on an Erskine Caldwell novel. Within two years, he had landed his first regular role on the Western series "The Dakotas" (ABC, 1963). The actor seemed perfectly cast as the rugged American hero type. It was enough for MGM to sign him to a contract in 1964, long after the heyday of the studio system. But public tastes for heroes had changed, and Everett's MGM films did not ignite with the public. He was an executive trying to lure Debbie Reynolds from her habit to TV in "The Singing Nun" (1966), a half-Seminole in "Johnny Tiger" (1966) and a suitor for David Niven's daughter in "The Impossible Years" (1968). By "The Firechasers" (1970), Everett's big screen career was all but over. Yet, the tall actor's chiseled good looks and husky voice proved perfect for the small screen. "Medical Center" made him a star. Unlike other successful series performers, however, Everett was never able to find a subsequent role that won audience's loyalty. "Hagen" (CBS, 1980) was a short-lived effort with the actor cast as a private investigator, while the raucous "The Rousters" (NBC, 1983-1984), an attempt to capitalize on Everett's previous Western roles, came at that network's lowest moment. After nearly a decade, during which he made a memorable appearance in the 1978-79 NBC miniseries "Centennial", Everett again made a stab at TV series playing an outdoor travel company operator in "McKenna" (ABC, 1994-95), but now he was the father figure. During that decade, Everett confronted his alcoholism and after receiving treatment, continued to pursue his acting career. He made guest appearances on series (including four separate appearances as four different characters during the long run of "Murder, She Wrote") and the occasional TV-movie ("Thunder Boat Row", ABC 1989). But it was a two-episode stint on "Cybill" (CBS) in 1995 that revived his appeal. Now silver-haired, yet still charismatic, Everett was cast as a steamy love interest for star Cybill Shepherd. The positive critical and audience reaction led to subsequent appearances on such series as "Touched by an Angel" and "Caroline in the City" and a starring role in the made-for-cable movie "When Times Expires" (The Movie Channel, 1997).

Mulholland Drive (2001)
Manhattan, AZ (2000)
Hard to Forget (1998)
Psycho (1998)
When Time Expires (1997)
Star Command (1996)
Official Denial (1993)
The Rousters (1990)
Heroes Stand Alone (1989)
The Jigsaw Murders (1989)
Thunderboat Row (1989)
Fever Pitch (1985)
Malibu (1983)
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)
The Intruder Within (1981)
Mistress of Paradise (1981)
Day of Terror, Night of Fear (1978)
In the Glitter Palace (1977)
The Fourth Sex (1975)
The Firechasers (1970)
The Impossible Years (1968)
Journey into Midnight (1968)
First to Fight (1967)
The Last Challenge (1967)
Return of the Gunfighter (1967)
Johnny Tiger (1966)
The Singing Nun (1966)
Made in Paris (1966)
Man from U.N.C.L.E., Vol. 16 (1965)
Get Yourself a College Girl (1964)
Rome Adventure (1962)
The Chapman Report (1962)
Claudelle Inglish (1961)

Everett has openly admitted he is in Alcoholics Anonymous

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (BA Mass communications and Acting, 1960)


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