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Birthdate: May 8, 1975
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Occupations: Actor, Musician
Enrique Iglesias Photo

Claim to Fame: Latin singing sensation sang Bailamos featured in the film Wild Wild West 1999

Father: Julio Iglesias, singer
Mother: Isabel Preysler

Enrique Iglesias is no longer living in the shadow of his famous father, Latin legend Julio Iglesias. Enrique is on his way to becoming a household name with the success of his single "Bailamos," which was featured in the 1999 Will Smith film Wild Wild West.

Although several major labels rejected him at the outset of his career, Enrique went on to top the charts in 1995 with his self-titled debut album, which sold over one million copies in Latin America and produced five hit singles. He followed up with Vivir in 1997, also a huge commercial success.

Enrique is part of a growing number of Latin artists being lured into the crossover market, with Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin leading the way. Although "Bailamos," with its Spanglish lyrics, is hugely successful, Enrique is reluctant to record a record entirely in English: "I gotta remember something-what got me here was Spanish."

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2002)
America: A Tribute to Heroes (2001)

1996: Grammy: Best Latin Pop Performance, Enrique Iglesias



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