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Date of Birth: May 24, 1967
Birth Place: Staten Island, New York
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A blue-eyed, light brown-haired, sweetly-good looking young male lead of mostly TV projects in the 1990s, Eric Close appeared as Sawyer Walker in the waning days of the NBC soap opera "Santa Barbara", then played Chad Everett's industrious son in the short-lived 1994 ABC series "McKenna". By 1996, Close was starring in the NBC series "Dark Skies" as the male half of a couple on the run from aliens who pass through the events of the 60s. Close had been acting on stage in amateur productions since he was in elementary school, then performed on stage in Los Angeles after leaving USC. In 1991, he made his TV debut in an episode of "McGyver" (ABC) and his TV-movie debut playing Suzanne Somers' brother in "Keeping Secrets" (ABC), the story of her alcohol-soaked, dysfunctional family. The next year, Close appeared on two episodes of "Major Dad" while also playing the regular role on "Santa Barbara". In 1995, he appeared in several episodes of "Sisters" (NBC), as a male friend who inspires the daughter of one of the sisters to become a cop. Close has played leads in a couple of TV-movies: he was Jennie Garth's sympathetic brother in "Without Concept" (ABC, 1994) and a serial rapist in "The Stranger Beside Me" (ABC, 1995). Close was slower in becoming established in features. He played a small role as a juvenile hall tough in "American Me" (1992), and also appeared in "Safe House", a 1992 American Film Institute production.

The Sky Is Falling (1999)
Now And Again (1999)
The Magnificent Seven (1998)



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