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Birthdate: April 10, 1951
Birthplace: Lansing, MI
Occupations: Actor, Writer, Musician, Producer
Quote: In response to the question: How important is it in your films to have a woman get shot? "You have to create a conflict, a situation where you have a reluctant hero who wants to just go about his job. Something has to happen to propel him into a situation where he has to step up--at great sacrifice to himself - and get the bad guys. It doesn't work if the bad guys kill his mother's uncle's friend's neighbor's pet dog. You've got to make the stakes high." - Movieline, April 1991
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Claim to Fame: Starred in Under Siege action films

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Miyako Seagal (née Fujitani); born 1948; met in Japan, where she was a dojo owner; married 1975; divorced 1986
Wife: Adrienne La Russa; filed for an annulment when she found out LeBrock was carrying Seagal's child
Wife: Kelly LeBrock, model, actress; met in Japan; top Dior model; filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, November 1994
Arissa Wolf; born 1975; former nanny to Kelly LeBrock's children

Mother: Patrizia Seagal, nurse
Father: Teacher
Sisters: Has three; one older, two younger
Son: Kentaro (aka Justice Seagal), actor, model; born 1976; mother, Miyako Fujitani
Daughter: Ayako Seagal; mother, Miyako Fujitani; born 1980
Daughter: Annaliza Seagal; born 1987; mother, Kelly LeBrock
Son: Dominic San Rocco Seagal; born June 21, 1990; mother, Kelly LeBrock
Daughter: Arissa; born July 24, 1993; mother, Kelly LeBrock
Daughter: Savannah; born September 1996; mother, Arissa Wolf

A stern-looking martial arts wizard who studied and later taught his craft in Japan, Seagal (pronounced say-GAL) got his feet wet in motion pictures as a fight coordinator on John Frankenheimer's "The Challenge" (1982) and later set up a popular martial arts school in West Hollywood. He caught the attention of Michael Ovitz (then head of Creative Artists Agency) who arranged a martial arts demonstration for Warner Brothers president Terry Semel. Impressed by Seagal, Ovitz arranged a screen test and he was somewhat unexpectedly catapulted to action stardom. His first feature was the low-budget, urban cop drama "Above the Law" (1988), for which he provided the story, served as producer and played a CIA operative in Vietnam who later exposes the corruption of Chicago government officials. 5Seagal cemented his popularity as an avenging action hero with the follow-up action/aikido films "Marked for Death", "Hard to Kill" (both 1990) and "Out For Justice" (1991), in which his larger-than-life presence alternates between meditative serenity and vigilante violence. His persona represented an odd mix of the mainstreaming of Chinese and trendy New Age philosophizing with the contemporary taste for good guys who seemed sinister and yet satisfied an increasing taste for simplified notions of instant justice in a troubled US, justified heroes who enjoy dispatching their enemies in as dispassionate a manner as possible. 5The canny, pony-tailed actor has enhanced his mystique by creating a public image shrouded in mystery and surrounded by speculation about his possible past links with the CIA. Although critics have carped at Seagal's modest acting abilities, Janet Maslin of THE NEW YORK TIMES has summed up as the aspects of his star persona: "What Mr. Seagal offers is a clever, uncategorizable hybrid of physical prowess, fortune-cookie wisdom, law-and-order politics, street-smart bravado and, above all, the confident insouciant manner of a natural-born star." Segal earned mainstream status with "Under Siege" (1992), a "Die Hard"-style thriller that grossed over $80 million. Its villains were played with relish by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey and it possessed welcome moments of deadpan humor. Seagal followed up this success with his directorial debut, "On Deadly Ground" (1994), a well-intentioned eco-thriller featuring Seagal as Alaska's last hope. The inevitable sequel to his earlier smash, "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory" (1995), followed, with the inscrutable but increasingly accepted star receiving the occasional kudo for some lively action scenes. Indeed, although many critics found Seagal to be unchanged for his "guest star" supporting turn in the Kurt Russell actioner "Executive Decision" (1996), some found his cool dispatch, taken in measured doses, to constitute some of the best moments of his career to date.

"Above the Law" (1988)
"Marked for Death" (1990)
"Hard to Kill" (1990)
"Out for Justice" (1991)
"Under Siege" (1992)
"On Deadly Ground" (1994)
"Under Siege II: Dark Territory" (1995)
"Executive Decision" (1995)
"The Glimmer Man" (1996)
"Fire Down Below" (1997)
"My Giant" (1998)
"The Patriot" (1998)
"Get Bruce" (1999)
"Exit Wounds" (2001)

1998: Signed exclusive seven-year contract with Outwest Entertainment to record five albums

Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California
Fullerton College, Fullerton, California



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