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Birthdate: September 15, 1946
Birthplace: San Saba, Texas
Occupations: Actor, Director, Writer
Quote: "Tommy has an unerring sense for the poetry of life that is not apparent to someone who simply sees [his taciturnity] . . . He went through a lot in his childhood. Childhood is a crucible for a lot of us, but I think his was forged in a pretty hot fire." --Vice President Al Gore (Jones' roommate at Harvard), Los Angeles Times Calendar, August 1, 1993
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Claim to Fame: Played Dr. Mark Toland on the ABC daytime drama, One Life to Live (1971-1975)

Significant Other(s):
Dawn Laurel, camera assistant; born in Texas; together since 1996
Wife: Kimberlea Jones (aka Kimberlea Gayle Cloughley), photographer; married May 30, 1981; divorced 1996
Lisa Taylor, model
Wife: Katherine Lardner, actress; granddaughter of author Ring Lardner; married seven years; divorced

Father: Clyde Jones, oil rigger; married and divorced Jones' mother twice
Mother: Lucille Marie Jones (née Scott), police officer; owned beauty parlor
Son: Austin Leonard Jones; born 1983; mother Kimberlea Jones
Daughter: Victoria Kafka Jones; born 1991; mother Kimberlea Jones

With his jutting brow, rough complexion, unsettling stare and sensual smile, Tommy Lee Jones has brought a dangerous yet sympathetic and highly intelligent edge to a wide range of leading and featured roles since the 1970s. The actor began his film career in the small part of Ryan O'Neal's Harvard roommate in "Love Story" (1970) then marked time on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live" before landing his first US starring role as an escaped convict hunted down by the police in "Jackson County Jail" (1976). Whenever a time came that it seemed Jones, an eighth-generation Texas, was about to become typecast in country-boy roles, or his taciturn demeanor shunted him into villainous roles, his sensitivity managed to add depth to the most routine parts. Not that dull parts came along all that often: Subsequent roles included eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes in the TV biopic, "The Amazing Howard Hughes" (1977); convicted murderer Gary Gilmore (an especially exciting performance that won him an Emmy) in the TV drama "The Executioner's Song" (1982); and country singer Loretta Lynn's husband in "Coal Miner's Daughter" (1981). 5Some less than successful features (e.g, "The Betsy" 1978) slowed down his feature film career in the early 80s, and for a time he appeared primarily in such little-seen films as the total misfire, "Black Moon Rising" (1986). It was the small screen that helped resuscitate his career, though. After appearing in a handful of cable films based on Broadaway plays, Jones gave one of his most important TV portrayals as Woodrow Call, the repressed Texas Ranger who dragged the corpse of his partner (Robert Duvall) back home, in the acclaimed CBS miniseries "Lonesome Dove" (1988). 5Since his unnerving portrayal of Cosmo, the unflinching mobster, in Mike Figgis' noir, "Stormy Monday" (1988), Jones reasserted himself as one of Hollywood's leading heavies, bringing to his roles a sense of tormented moral ambiguity. He left audiences chilled with his eerie portrayal of suspected Kennedy assassination conspirator Clay Shaw in Oliver Stone's "JFK" (1991), a role that garnered him an Oscar nomination. Jones first worked with director Andrew Davis on the uneven thriller "The Package" (1989); they subsequently reteamed for a pair of thrillers, "Under Siege" (1992), in which Jones was a psychopath who takes over a naval carrier, and "The Fugitive" (1993), a film based on the 60s hit TV series, with the actor playing a hardened lawman unwilling to relinquish his hunt for Harrison Ford's Dr. Richard Kimble. More than a few reviewers felt that Jones caught--and surpassed--his leading man as the Best Supporting Actor Oscar he garnered proved. Flush with this newfound respect, he remained an in-demand supporting player, often in villainous roles. This was reflected in such standardized but high-profile genre fare as "Blown Away" and "The Client" and Oliver Stone's intense "Natural Born Killers" (all 1994). In an attempt to deflect attention away from co-star Jim Carrey. Jones did everything but literally chew the scenery as the comic book baddie 'Two Face' in "Batman Forever" (1995). A return to heroic mold in "Volcano" (1997) fizzled, but he proved delightfully effective exhibiting a deadpan comic style which dovetailed nicely with Will Smith's smart-alecky persona as alien trackers in the blockbuster "Men in Black" (also 1997). His reprise of his Oscar-winning role in the "U.S. Marshals" (1998), however, proved disappointing.

1970 Love Story small part as Ryan O'Neal's room mate at Harvard University
1970 Eliza's Horoscope
1972 Life Study
1976 Jackson County Jail Coley Blake, convict
1977 Rolling Thunder Johnny Vohden, Vietnam vet
1978 Eyes of Laura Mars John Neville, police detective
1978 The Betsy Angelo Perino, racing car driver
1980 Coal Miner's Daughter Mooney Lynn, Loretta Lynn's husband (Biography)
1981 Back Roads Elmore Pratt, ex-boxer
1983 Nate and Hayes (British title: Savage Islands) Captain Bully Hayes, "good" pirate
1984 The River Rat Billy McCain, ex-convict
1986 Black Moon Rising Sam Quint, professional burglar
1987 The Big Town George Cole, professional gambler
1988 Stormy Monday James Cosmo, industrial tycoon
1989 The Package Thomas Boyette, spy and political assassin
1990 Fire Birds (British title: Wings of the Apache) Brad Little, Air Force veteran
1991 Blue Sky Hank Marshall, Army Major (premiered in 1994)
1991 JFK Clay "Bertrand" Shaw, alledged co-conspirator in Kennedy assassination
1992 Under Siege Wild Bill Strannix, terrorist leader
1992 House of Cards Dr. Jake T. Beerlander, child psychiatrist
1993 Heaven & Earth Steve Butler, G.I. during Vietnam war
1993 The Fugitive U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard (Golden Globe and Academy Award)
1994 The Client Roy Foltrigg, district attorney
1994 Natural Born Killers Prison warden
1994 Blown Away Ryan Gaerity, ex-IRA bomb expert
1994 Cobb Ty Cobb, baseball legend (Biography)
1995 Batman Forever Harvey Dent/Two-Face
1997 Volcano Mike Roark, Director of the Office of Emergency Management for the City of LA
1997 Men in Black Agent K
1998 U.S. Marshals U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard
1999 Double Jeopardy Travis Lehman, Parole Officer
2000 Rules Of Engagement
2000 Space Cowboys

TV Movies
1976 Smash-Up on Interstate 5
1977 The Amazing Howard Hughes Howard Hughes, excentric billionaire (Biography)
1980 Barn Burning Abner Snopes
1982 The Executioner's Song Gary Gilmore, convicted murderer (Semi-documentary) (Emmy Award)
1982 The Rainmaker
1984 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Brick
1985 The Park is Mine Vietnam vet
1986 Yuri Nosenko, KGB CIA agent
1986 Broken Vows Joseph McMahon, catholic priest
1987 Stranger on My Land Buddy Whitman, rancher
1988 Gotham British title: The Dead Can't Lie Eddie Mallard, private eye
1988 April Morning Moses Cooper, settler during the American Revolutionary War
1988 Lonesome Dove Capt. Woodrow F. Call, ex-Texas Ranger (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nomination)
1995 The Good Old Boys Hewey Calloway, cowboy (also co-scripted and directed)

TV Series
-75 One Life To Live Soap series regular as Dr. Mark Toland
1975 Barnaby Jones episode: "Fatal Witness" Guest star as doctor accused of murder
1976 Baretta episode: "Dead Man Out" Guest star
1976 Charlie's Angels Pilot episode

1983: Emmy: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Special, The Executioner's Song
1993: Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Supporting Actor, The Fugitive
1993: Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actor, The Fugitive
1993: Oscar: Best Supporting Actor, The Fugitive
1994: MTV Movie Award: Best On-Screen Duo, The Fugitive; shared with Harrison Ford

Love Story author Erich Segal has claimed that both Jones and Al Gore were the models for the character Oliver, played by Ryan O'Neal in the film adaptation; Jones had a small role as Oliver's roommate (1970)

St. Mark's School, Dallas, Texas; attended on scholarship
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; B.A., English, 1969; graduated cum laude; was All-Ivy, All-East and All-American football player



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