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Aids + СПИД

 Ladies & Gentleman.

I`am very glad to see you all here, and I see many new faces at our

This makes me happy and grateful to our teacher Elena U., who made this all
To our begetter (mastermind).  Burst of applause to Elena U., so take the
curtain Elena U.,
stand up, thank you, sit down please.

O.k., I begin.

                                             Think about the future.

This project was called so, because we must always think about our future,
our children, to be careful.
My speech is about the AIDS , the plague of the 21 century.
Our union of maecenas, oil magnates, famous musicians and film stars, all
the great ones of the earth, is going to fight this disease.
Being the president of International Union of Help, I would like to speak
about a very serious problem - AIDS and kids.
Our organization have massive programs of lending medical and psychological
assistance to the patients, and especially to the incurable patients and ,
it's a pity to talk about, incurable kids.
Many hospitals in Africa, Mexico and other countries with light healthcare
International Union of Help provides with one piece syringes and a good
quality medical
equipment, because many people, mothers and their children were infected
with the AIDS thru the syringes.
But now I would like to attract your attention to the other way of getting
infection - SEX.
In the period of life from 12 to 20, teens are very light-minded and
careless to themselves,
And we, our organization, lend a helping hand to them, to prevent them from
making a mistake.
The easiest way to be safe from the AIDS is to use condoms.

We have based our new program on engrafting the correct form of the sexual
relations to the teenagers. We remind them always think about their
partner, think about themselves, ad think about their children, who can be
infected with the nonchalance of their parents.
By placing condom machines in schools and free distribution condoms on the
streets we want to save children out of the game, in which they bet their
lives. You can see our posters and,
in project we have video clips on TV. (Beavis & Butt-head)
By buying this card, you can enter our International Union of Help
association, and make sure that you and your children would be safe from
being infected with the AIDS   thru syringe.
And by showing this card at the pharmacy you can receive a free pack of
condoms every week.
International Union of Help have departments all over the world and you can
contact us easily.
International Union of Help is relief fund organization only.

                              Consolidating together we can save lives.

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