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My Future Education

This year I’m finishing school and taking my exams. I must solve the problem what to do. There are many possibilities: I can enter the 10th form; go to a college or to work.

I have made my choice: I decided to enter the 10th form.

High education is necessary for my future job. I’m going to be Manager of tourism and must have good abilities in English, Russian, and Geography. I must have a good knowledge of computer; know modern programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Manager of tourism must have economic and psychological education as well. Several faculties of tourism and hotel management have been opened in Moscow Universities and I’m going to enter one of them after school.

A person with University degree or the diploma of high education has more opportunities to get interesting job with high salary. I’ll do my best to get good marks for the exams in the 9th form and enter the 10th.

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