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Desperate Housewives 1.6

- Susan? Susan!
- Mrs. Huber, how are you doing?
- Not too well, Im afraid. Im trying to find something to soothe my stomach.
- Its upset?
- Yeah. I had the worst macaroni and cheese at the wake. Its been running through me ever since.
And I need to be at my best. Edie Britts son is spending the night tonight.
- Hes spending the night?
- Apparently, Edie is having a gentleman friend over for dinner, and I think she plans on entertaining into the wee hours, if you know what I mean.
Oh, heres some antacid. Have you ever tried this?
- I cant believe it. This cant be happening. Mike cant like Edie better than me, he just cant!
- You dont know whats going on. Maybe theyre just having dinner.
- Youre right. Theyre doing it.
- Edie? Edie? Hello? Anybody home? I need to borrow sugar.
(Oh, my God! Oh, yes! Give it to me!)

And just like that, the possibility Susan had clung to, the maybe of Mike Delfino, was gone forever.
And despite the precariousness of her situation, Susan took a moment to mourn her loss.

- Oh. Oh! Oh!
It didnt take Susan long to realize, this was just not her night.
- Is somebody out there?
- Oh, my God! Thats smoke!
- She left candles unattended in the den. Paramedic said she was lucky. She couldve been killed.
- She ran out with nothing on.
- She was having sex with some guy when the fire started.
- What happened to him?
- He got smoke inhalation. Hes at the hospital.
- Susan, are you all right? You look awful.
- Im fine. Im fine. I just, uh, feel really bad for Edie.
- Oh, honey, dont worry about Edie. Shes a strong lady.
- Absolutely. Shell get through this. Shell find a way to survive.
- We all do.
- Come on.
- Wow! What happened?
- Mike!
And suddenly there he was. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
- I I thought you were uh Where were you?
- I just got back from the movies. Edie had a fire, huh?
- Yeah. Yeah, but shes fine now. Everythings fine now.

And just like that, Susan was happy. Life was suddenly full of possibilities. Not to mention a few unexpected surprises.

- Hello.
- Its me.
- Have anything yet?
- No, nothing yet. But dont worry. Im definitely getting closer.
- I brought some champagne. I thought we should have a toast.
The next day my friends came together to pack away my clothes, my personal belongings and what was left of my life.
- All right, ladies, lift em up. To Mary Alice, a good friend and neighbor.
Wherever you are, we hope youve found peace.
- To Mary Alice.
- To Mary Alice.
- Lets get this show on the road. You guys, check out Mary Alices clothes.
Size eight? Ha! She always told me she was a size six.
- We found the skeleton in her closet.
Not quite, Gabrielle, not quite.
- Whats that?
- A letter addressed to Mary Alice.
How ironic. To have something I tried so desperately to keep secret, treated so casually.
- What are you doing? Thats private.
- Its open. Whats the big deal?
I know what you did. It makes me sick. Im going to tell.
- What does this mean?
- I dont know but check out the post mark.
- Oh, my God. She got it the day she died.
- Do you think this is why she?
Im so sorry, girls. I never wanted you to be burdened with this.
- Oh, Mary Alice, what did you do?

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