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Ugly Betty 01x02 part 1

Previously on Ugly Betty...
Oh, my god.
That nepotistic son of a
bitch gives my job to his...
His son.
Who do you work for?
I'm your new assistant.
He made Daniel hire you 'cause he didn't want his son to be tempted to sleep with his assistants anymore.
I'm in love with someone else.
Gina Gambarro?
You broke my plasma!
I'm very unhappy.
It's a setback.
But it's just a matter of time.
Once he's out of the picture, the company will be ours for the taking.
Great bunny.
Oh, thank you.
My sister gave that to me when I graduated from Queens College.
One of america's best value colleges.
Yep, yep, that's the one.
It's sort of a good-luck charm, seeing as I am doing
what I've always wanted to magazine publishing.
Well, kudos, and I certainly applaud your efforts
at personalizing your desk.
So... different.
So you.
I have to go.
Oh, it was an amazing night for me, too.
Listen, I gotta get back to work.
I will call you very, very soon, okay?
All right.
No idea who that was.

Good morning, Daniel. Can I get you some coffee?
Actually, I was wondering if you had a chance to look at "page six" today.
"Daniel Meade's assistant confirms he was wearing a Dior suit,
Gucci tie and Maggini shoes."
Yeah, that's what you wore. Isn't it?
The Magginis are a problem. But you said that they're the
most comfortable shoes you own.
No, no, they are. Unfortunately there's
a whole sweatshop thing with them cambodian kids, forced labor, I don't know.
Point is, it's best if people don't know I wear their shoes.

Listen, Betty.
The press, people in this business they have a way of taking the truth, twisting it around.
We always got to protect ourselves, twist it around ourselves if we need to.
I got it.

Oh, hey. I got that Natalie Whitman meeting in a few minutes.
Wow, she's my favorite.
I love those Jenna Fletcher movies, and her catchphrase, "you do the math."
You know she gains 30 pounds every single time she does that role?
Yeah, and apparently she hasn't lost any of it.
Do you want in on that meeting?
Me? Um, wow!
Yes. Yeah, that's amazing.
Thank you, Daniel.

Remember, you and me,
we're a team.

And I will take that coffee now.
Black, extra sugar. Thanks.
Has Wilhelmina Slater,
"Mode" creative director,
got over her humiliation of being
passed over for the boss' son?
That's the question
on everyone's lips
after the recent regime
change when Daniel Meade,
slutty scion of parent company,
Meade Publications,
was named new editor in chief.
Daniel took over after the hot,
hot death
of former editor Fey Sommers
in a fiery car crash.
The world is still in mourning
after the fur-loving fashion
martyr lost control of her vehicle after being chased by angry animal rights activists.

You wanted to see me?
Just checking in.

Yeah, no.
Everything's going terrific.
First issue goes to press tomorrow.
Natalie Whitman, the star of the Jenna Fletcher movies,
is our featured layout.
"You do the math."
Yeah, that's right.

Daniel, I don't need to remind you of the importance of succeeding here.
"Mode" is a stepping stone for you, but a significant one.
You do well, eventually you'll end up sitting where I am,
running the company.
Have you been getting the book?
The book.
What book are you
referring to, exactly?
"Editor in chief for dummies."
The book, Daniel.

The book.
The mock-up of the
entire magazine.
Each department submits their section throughout the day.
Photo, style, advertising all of "mode's" secrets.

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