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Friends. Airport Security

-No problems getting a cab, no traffic. May way totally works
-Yeah. Yeah, I feel totally relaxed, totally calm. Go-go-go-go-go!!!
-Lets see, you're on the flihgt to Nassau. Mr. Bing, you'll be in 25J and Mrs. Bing, you'll be in 25K
-Mrs. Bing
-It is a funny name
-She's not laughing at the name. We just got married we're going on our honeymoon
-Oh, really? Congratulations. You know what? Let me see what I can do
-There was a cancellation, I can bump you up into first class!
-Wow, thank you! See, if we gotten here earlier those seats might not have been available. Compromise works
-My name is Mrs. Bing. Haven't I compromised enough?

-Could you hurry up?
-Hey, I've never set one of these off before and I'm not about to start now! On one more sec. My anklet, that was a close one. Yes!!!
-Hey look at that: "federal law prohibits any joking regarding aircraft high-jacking or bombing". You don't have to worry about me, ma'am take my bombs very seriously
-Sir you wanna come with us
-No wait. Chandler wait, wait! That doesn't count! backwards doesn't count!

-This is ridiculous, I was just making a joke. I mean I know the sign says "no jokes about bombs" but shouldn't the sign really say "no bombs". I mean, isn't that the guy we really have to worry about here? The guy WITH the bombs? Not the guy who jokes about his bombs? Not that I have bombs but if I did, I probably wouldn't joke about them. I'd probably wanna keep that rather quiet. I'm sorry you had some questions for me?
-Miss, what is our association with this man?
-He's my husband
-I See
-But only for a few days, I mean, I don't know what he does when he's outside the house
-Thank you darling
-You see, this is the first time we're traveling "my way", so its very important that we make this flight. It's on of those "her plan versus my plan" kinda things
-What you mean by "plan"?
-You really should just ask me "yes or not" questions
-Oh, a... no, that's not his bag, that's my bag.
-It's just procedure
-Yes, but, no, no... you don't understand, see everything is packet perfectly. It took me forever to do this. There's like 50 folded pieces. You're mean

-Alright, you're free to go
-Thank you. Thanks. And listen about those Speedo's, I don't know how they got in there
-hey it's Joey. Listen, Phoebe and I smell gas coming from your apartment
-What? Are you serious? Joey smells gas
-What else is new?
-Yeah, and we'd go check it out, but you took away our key
-Well do something
-You want us to break down your door?
-And you won't blame us for any damage?
-Okay, are sure you want us to do this?
-No, I want you to stand there and wait for the whole place to blow up!
-Step back inside please

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