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How I Met Your Mother - Barney Calls Dibs

Kids, there are two big days in any love story: the day you meet the girl of your dreams, and the day you marry her.

Nice! Where'd you get this?
Stashed a cooler behind the pulpit.
Beer be with you.
And also with you.
Man, this is what church has been missing.
Dude, you fixed church.
Yeah. You're welcome, God.
What? No. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain.
Why? Do I look nervous?
Look at your beer, dude.
You always do that when you're nervous.
It's a sad day in New York, Ted.
A sad day, indeed.
Do you know what I saw on my way in here?
A girl... In a sweater.
And you know what that means.
The season of exposed skin is over.
Gone are the tank tops, Ted.
Gone are the cute little skirts.
Gone are the sun dresses.
The sun dresses, Ted!
I don't think
I can make it another eight months with no sun dresses.
Barney, I really... I have to grade these papers.
I'm sorry. I'll let you work.
But first, a riddle: What piece of women's attire most stokes a man's desire?
A sun dress.
What lightweight outfit, pink or white, makes the front of my slacks abnormally tight?
I really have to get this done.
Of course, of course.
Thank you.
"Sun dress," by the way.
What are you nervous about? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.
What flowing cotton frock...
Okay, I'll tell you. Just...
There's a... There's a girl sitting at the bar.
Don't look!
I want to see a pretty girl.
Okay, you can look. Just-just-just be cool for once.
I'll be cool.
Ah, Ted.
You got your beer label in a bunch over nothing.
Listen to your Uncle Barney.
You have no reason to be nervous.
None whatsoever.
And I'm going to tell you why in one word.
And what's that word?
- Dibs!
- What...

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