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Desperate Housewives 1.2

Susan Meyer, who lives across the street, brought macaroni and cheese.
Her husband Carl always teased her about her macaroni, saying it was the only thing she knew how to cook, and she rarely made it well.
It was too salty the night she and Carl moved into their house.
It was too watery the night she found lipstick on Carls shirt.
She burned it the night Carl told her he was leaving her for his secretary.
A year had passed since the divorce.
Susan was starting to think how nice it would be to have a man in her life, even one who would make fun of her cooking.

- Mom, why would someone kill themselves?
- Well, sometimes people are so unhappy they think thats the only way they can solve their problems.
- But Mrs. Young always seemed happy.
- Yeah, sometimes people pretend to be one way on the outside when theyre totally different on the inside.
- Oh you mean how Dads girlfriend is always smiling and says nice things but deep down you just know shes a bitch.
- I dont like that word, Julie. But yeah, thats a great example.
- Youre welcome.
- Hey, whats going on?
- Sorry Im late.
- Hi, Susan.
- Hey.
- So? What did Carl say when you confronted him?
- Youll love this, he said, It doesnt mean anything, it was just sex.
- Oh yes, page one of the philanderers handbook.
- Yeah, and then he got this Zen look on his face, and he said, You know Susan, most men live lives of quiet desperation.
- Please tell me you punched him
- No, I said, Really? And what do most women lead, lives of noisy fulfillment?
- Good for you
- I mean, of all people, did he have to bang his secretary? I had that woman over for brunch
- Its like my grandmother always said, an erect penis doesnt have a conscience.
- Even the limp ones arent that ethical
- This is half the reason I joined the NRA.
- Well, when Rex started going to those medical conferences, I wanted at the back of his mind that he had a loving wife at home, with a loaded Smith and Wesson.
- Lynnie? Toms always away on business. Do you ever worry he might..?
- Oh, please, the mans gotten me pregnant three times in four years.
I wish he was having sex with someone else.
- So Susan, is he going to stop seeing that woman?
- I dont know. Im sorry you guys, I just I just dont know how Im going to survive this.
- Listen to me. We all have moments of desperation.
But if we can face them head-on, thats how we find out just how strong we really are.
- Susan? Susan. I was just saying Paul wants us to go over on Friday.
He needs us to go through Mary Alices closet, and help pack up her things.
He says he cant face doing it by himself.
- Sure, thats fine.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Im just so angry. If Mary Alice was having problems, she should have come to us; she should have let us help her.
- What kind of problems could she have had? She was healthy, had a great home, a nice family. Her life was -
- our life.
- No, if Mary Alice was having some sort of crisis, wed have known.
She lives 50 feet away, for gods sakes.
- Gabby, the woman killed herself. Something mustve been going on.
- Oh, I wouldnt eat that if I were you.
- Why?
- I made it, trust me. Hey, hey, do you have a death wish?
- No, I just refuse to believe that anybody can screw up macaroni and cheese.
- Oh my god. How did you it tastes like its burnt and undercooked.
- Yeah, I get that a lot. Here you go.
- Thanks.

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