Сочинения по английскому языку: Divided by a Common Language - Разделенные общим языком


Сочинения по английскому языку: Divided by a Common Language - Разделенные общим языком

George Bernard Shaw said that America and Britain were two nations divided by a common language. But how different is British English from American English?
Some British and American people gave their definitions for some common words.

British English   American English
Something that you burn forheating and cooking gas Something you put in your car make it go
A school which is private public school A school that is open to everyone
A path which passes under a road subway A railway which runs under theground.
Something that you wear underyour trousers pants Something you wear to coveryour legs, over your underpants
Clothing which you wear underyour shirt. vest Clothing that you wear over your shirt and under your jacket
A list of things that you havebought or eaten in a restaurant and which tells you how muchto pay. .bill Money which is made of paper


Long sticks of potato which you cook in deep oil and eat hot witha meal. chips Very thin slices of fried potatowhich you eat cold before a mealor as a snack

Confused? British and American English have lots of words, which look the same but have different meanings. Nobody ever gets into serious trouble if they make a mistake, although you may get a strange look if you ask for the wrong clothes.
But things get even more complicated! Here are some American English words, which the British don't use at all.

druggist someone who sells medicine in a shop.
parking lot a place where you park the car.
drugstore a shop where you can buy medicine, beauty products, school supplies, small things.
main street the street in a town where all the shops are.
stop lights lights, which control the traffic.
faucet something you turn on and off to control water in a bath or a basin.
elevator a device which carries people from one floor to another in a building.

But most of the differences between British English and American English are minor and are only concerned with vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation. You can usually understand what words mean from the context. Good luck (British English) or break a leg (American English)!

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Джордж Бернард Шоу сказал, что Америка и Англия — две страны, разделенные общим языком. Но насколько сильно отличаются британский и американский английский? Некоторые американцы и англичане дали свое определение некоторых общих слов.

























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