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Come on, Daisy!

By Jane Simmons

"You must stay close, Daisy," said Mamma Duck1. "I'll try," said Daisy. But Daisy didn't. "Come on, Daisy!" called Mamma Duck. But Daisy was watching the fish2.

"Come on, Daisy! Shouted Mamma Duck again. But Daisy was far away chasing3 dragonflies4. "Come here, Daisy!" shouted Mamma Duck. But Daisy was bouncing5 on the lily pads6. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Bong, bong!

"Plop!" went a frog7.

"Coo…" said Daisy.

"Gribbit," said the frog.

Bong, plop! Bong, plop! Bong, plop! Splosh!

"Coo!" said Daisy, but the frog had gone.

"Mamma," called Daisy, but Mamma Duck had gone. Daisy was all alone.

Something big stirred8 underneath her. Daisy shivered9. She scrambled10 up on to the riverbank. Then something screeched11 in the sky above! So Daisy hid in the reeds12.

If only Mamma Duck was here. Something was rustling13 along the riverbank.

Daisy could hear it getting closer... and closer, and closer, and closer. It was Mamma!

"Daisy, come on!" she said. And Daisy did. And even though she played with the butterflies14... she stayed very close to Mamma Duck.

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