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Baby: Looking for Dash

By Molly Kates

One day on Hoggett's farm, Fly noticed that one of her puppies was missing.

"Where could Dash be?" she wondered.

"I'll find him!" said Baby.

Baby looked in the barn. There was no puppy. But there were three mice. The mice said they'd help Babe look for Dash. Baby and the mice looked in the chicken coop.

There was no puppy. But there were a bunch of chickens, one rooster, and Ferdinand the duck. Ferdinand wanted to help look for Dash, too.

Baby, the mice, and Ferdinand trooped to the fields.

"Have you seen a puppy?" Baby asked the sheep.

"No little wolves here," the sheep baa-ed.

"He's not a wolf," Baby said. "He's a little puppy."

But the sheep hadn't seen a little puppy either.

"Let's sit down and think," Baby said to his team.

" I don't know why I'm here," Ferdinand quacked.

"Because we all need to help each other," said Baby. "Dash may be lost and hungry and scared."

"Oh, where, oh, where has that little dog gone?" sand the first mouse.

"Right there!" shrieked the second mouse, jumping up and down with axcitement.

Baby looked. And sure enough, over at the edge of the woods, he spotted a flash of black and white.

"Come on, you guys!" cried Baby. "Let's go get him!" The animals all charged across the fields.

Into the shadows under the trees they ran, quacking, oinking, and squealing Dash's name. Then they stopped short. There in front of them was a furry black-an-white animal. But it wasn't Dash- it was a very surprised skunk!

Just then a giggle came from behind a tree.

"Here I am!" cried Dash, and out he jumped. At that very moment, the skunk lifted her tail and let loose.

"Pee-yew!" everybody cried.

"So sorry," said the skunk. "But you surprised me."

"Poor Dash," laughed Baby. "What you need is a bath in tomato Juice."

"Yum, yum, yum!" sang the mice.

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