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Rana and his Donkey

Rana was a young boy who loved nature and admired all that was beautiful. He lived in a beautiful house, away from the town.

He did all his work himself with the help of his donkey who was very faithful. Rana grew wheat and vegetables himself to live on. He cut and sewed his own clothes. He made his own shoes. He was very happy to live alone in his lonely place.

Though his donkey did all the work he was asked to do, Rana was not pleased with him. He thought that his donkey was very lazy and did not carry much load.

Rana always wanted to get rid of his donkey. Rana did not realize his good qualities and often complained of his laziness and lack of will to work.

One day, he was returning from his fields. An idea struck him. He said to himself, "How nice it will be if I exchange my donkey with a motor car. In a car, I shall look great and be able to go to even distant places. A car is really more useful and faster than this slow donkey of mine."

The donkey knew, from the behaviour of his master, that he wanted to abandon him. He was very sad and heart- broken. But, the poor creature was helpless. He could only wail and that he did.

Next day, Rana went to the town with his donkey. There he changed him for a car. He was very happy because now he could go anywhere. When he left the town in his car, he had two friends with him. He and his friends were thrilled with excitement. His friends asked him to drive faster and faster, and he drove as fast as he could.

The donkey was very sad to be left behind. He could not control his tears because he knew that his master had abandoned him. Rana had not remembered his faithfulness even.

"Alight, my master! I never thought you would be so heartless," said the donkey with tears in his eyes. Rana was driving the car with great enthusiasm. His friends were also praising it highly. Suddenly the car jumped and stopped, making strange noises. They received jolts and one of Rana's friends shouted, "Oh Lord! What has gone wrong with the car?"

"Its nuts and bolts are coming out! It is dead!" said Rana gloomily. They all came down. Rana got under the car to repair it. But, alas, he knew nothing about its mechanism.

His friends stood aside and laughed at him and his car, "Look, this is Rana's car!"…

"What a fine car which does not move!"

Rana realized his mistake. It was not his donkey who would obey his orders. He was very sorry for the bargain. Qualities of his donkey came to his mind one by one. Rana left the car in the way and went back to the faithful donkey. The poor donkey welcomed his master this time with tears of joy in his eyes.

"My dear friend, I am sorry I forgot you and your good qualities. You would have never left me in the way as that car has done. I wish I had not changed you for the car. I have been the loser," said Rana, full of remorse, to the donkey.

Though Rana and donkey both were said, Rana had learnt the lesson that all that is new is not always better than all that is old.

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